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Yaeger CPA Review is a mom and pop CPA course that packs a big punch. Phil Yaeger leads the course with several other instructors and they focus on providing a complete CPA Review Course designed to help you pass the CPA Exam quickly. The advantage that Yaeger has to other CPA Review Courses is that since they are smaller you will get direct access to the instructors with your questions via the instructor hotline.

You can see exactly what Yaeger has to offer here OR you can continue reading and I will deep dive into the features offered by Yaeger CPA review below.

Yaeger CPA Course Structure

Study Planner

Yaeger CPA Review offers an adjustable study planner that will help you plan your study time and allows for adjustments to your schedule on the fly.

Video Lectures

Yaeger CPA Review has just over 100 hours of video lectures that will walk you through the AICPA blueprint step by step. I found these lectures to be fairly engaging but as with any accounting topic it’s difficult to make them interesting which I don’t think is the fault of the lecturers themselve.

If you are looking for engaging (and more entertaining) lectures then you may be interested in Roger CPA Review.

Multiple Choice

Yaeger CPA Review has what’s called Adapt-A-Pass to help you navigate the Yaeger CPA Review test bank. The Adapt-a-Pass scoring system let’s you know how prepared you are for each topic and will give you an overall score on how well the system thinks you are prepared.

What I like is that you can use these scores to know where to spend your time studying. I also found that the multiple choice explanations adequately explained WHY the question was right or wrong which is crucial to your success.


Yaeger CPA Review has fairly basic analytics when you compare them to other CPA Review Courses in the industry. They break out your results by content groups which to me is a little bit to high level. If you want to see analytics that I think are more powerful, I’d look at Gleim CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel.


Yaeger CPA Review has a decent amount of simulations that will more than prepare you for the real exam.

Practice Exams

Yaeger CPA Review offers a CPA exam simulation but it’s not a true simulation because all the multiple choice are lumped together into one testlet into three. Not a big deal but just an observation.

Customer Support

Yaeger CPA Review’s instructor hotline is one of the highlights of the course. If you want to hear answers directly from an instructor then this hotline is going to be a lifesaver for you.

What’s To Like

Video Lectures

Yaeger CPA Review has very comprehensive video lectures that will walk you through the material. Granted they do get a bit dry at times, but they the lectures are short enough to keep your attention and get the job done.


Yaeger CPA Review’s Adapt-a-Pass system is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of helping you determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie but I would hope for some stronger analytics in the future that might be based on students who have passed the CPA exam. But for the price of Yaeger CPA Review I think that this system will be effective for many CPA candidates.

Free Assessment

Yaeger CPA Review offers a free CPA exam assessment to test your knowledge. You can try the free assessment here.


Yaeger CPA Review does offer a substantial discount for our readers.

What’s Not To Like


Yaeger CPA Review’s analytics don’t go into quite as much detail as I would like. It’s broken out by content groups which are more high level so it’s hard to determine exactly what topic you are struggling with.


Yaeger CPA Review’s flashcards are all lumped together and can’t be organized. This really only makes them useful until you have been through all their materials.

Final Recommendation

Yaeger CPA Review for the price may be a good option for CPA candidates who need strong video lectures and don’t mind not having as comprehensive of multiple choice analytics. I do believe that their new Adapt-a-Pass scoring system is a move in the right direction to helping you focus your time and knowing how prepared you are for the real CPA exam.


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