Working Accountant Moms Need Balance And Flexibility

by Working Mom CPA Motivation in Surveys
December 15, 2017 0 comments

When studying for the CPA Exam you will have to make sacrifices at work in order to make time to study for the CPA exam.

The big question working moms need to ask themselves is “what’s more important, passing the CPA exam or their current position.”

I’d argue that passing the CPA exam is the most important career achievement that any working mom can achieve just starting out in accounting.

In fact most senior accounting positions require you to pass the CPA exam in order to qualify.

With that being said how does a working mom balance working plus studying for the CPA exam and home life?

According to Ernst & Young in this survey What Moms Think: Career vs Paycheck it’s clear that companies need to make flexibility at work must apply to working moms equally to other employees.

This means working mothers need to push for more flexibility at work to allow for enough time to study for the CPA exam and take care of the family.

Another study performed by IBM (read Lessons Learned From 25 Years Of Workplace Flexibility) finds that flexibility takes three different forms:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements such as working
    an alternative schedule and/or from a remote
    location; formal, long-term arrangements usually
    governed by policies and guidelines
  • Informal, occasional, day-to-day flexibility
    such as the ability to change a work schedule or
    location daily to meet business and/or personal
    needs while meeting business requirements
  • Career flexibility such as creating alternative
    career paths that enable people to adjust the pace
    of workload and advancement according to life
    cycle needs without being penalized in longterm
    career goals and opportunities.

When studying for the CPA exam it’s imperative that communication with your superiors is very clear.

They need to know when you plan to sit for each section of the CPA exam.

They also need to know how you plan to keep up with your work with the additional studying spent.

With this clear line of communication, a little push for more job flexibility and a top notch CPA review course, you should be well on your way to becoming a CPA!

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