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Wiley CPAexcel is one of our favorite CPA Review Courses for CPA Candidates. It offers advance multiple choice questions, bite-sized video lectures, detailed analytics, in-depth textbooks and a lifetime access guarantee that you will pass the CPA exam.

You can give Wiley CPAexcel a try for free on me here OR we can continue our deep dive into the full course below.

Wiley CPAexcel Course Structure

Study Planner

Wiley CPAexcel’s course planner is fully customizable, which means as your busy life changes you can adjust your study plan accordingly.

Video Lectures

Wiley CPAexcel started the trend of making video lectures “bite sized” so that you aren’t forced to sit in front of your computer watching a lecture for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

Compare this to Becker CPA Review which recommends watching a 2-3 hour lecture in one sitting.

Multiple Choice

Wiley CPAexcel has the most CPA exam questions of any CPA review course currently available. Each question has a very detailed explanation for WHY the answer is right or wrong as well which is exactly what you need in order to study effectively.


Wiley CPAexcel has some of the most advanced multiple choice analytics that give you the exact data you need to identify where you should be spending your time studying.


Wiley CPAexcel’s simulations are on par with all the other CPA review courses in the industry and provide you with enough examples to fully prepare you for the real thing.

Practice CPA Exams

Wiley CPAexcel provides you with practice exams so that you can test yourself and your time management to fully prepare you for this beast of an exam.

Online “Live” Classes

Wiley CPAexcel doesn’t offer any in-person services, but utilizes what’s call Online Mentoring Classes which are online webinar styled lectures. These are great for anyone who needs structure to keep them going.


Wiley CPAexcel is three companies combined. Kaplan CPA Review + Wiley + CPAexcel. Between these three companies they offer some of the best supplements you can find in the form of additional multiple choice test banks, flashcards, focus notes and customer support.

What’s To Like

Unlimited Access

Wiley CPAexcel stands behind its course and will give you free online updates until you have passed the CPA exam.

Keeps You On Your Toes

With the bite-sized lesson, you are constantly jumping from video lectures to your text to your multiple choice questions and back again. If you use Wiley CPAexcel you will not get bored or lose focus.

CPA Exam Questions

Even if you end up failing a section of the CPA exam, Wiley CPAexcel has you covered by providing you with more than enough multiple choice questions to keep things fresh and new.


Wiley CPAexcel currently has a flash sale going right now if you are ready to invest in their course.

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Free Trial

Wiley CPAexcel offers one of the best free trials in the industry. They hold nothing back and give you 14 days of FULL access to their course.

Give it a shot here

What’s Not To Like

Course Design

Wiley CPAexcel as I mentioned before is three different CPA review course companies combined together. They are drastically improving the interface but sometimes it does feel a little duct taped together. But once you figure out the study flow they recommend, you will be on your way to passing. Just expect to take a little while to fully grasp how everything works together.


As with most CPA Review Courses, the lecturers can be a bit dry. Thankfully the lectures aren’t long so they will be able to hold your attention long enough to get through each topic and you can move on.

Lots of Information

As with any CPA review course the amount of information given can be overwhelming. This is especially true with Wiley CPAexcel because of the sheer number of questions they give you. The key takeaway is that you need to utilize the analytics to help you identify where you are weaker and focus on those areas instead of trying to answer EVERY question.

Final Recommendation

Wiley CPAexcel is a top notch CPA Review Course that I highly recommend for all CPA Candidates. Specifically if you are someone who need structure, a mobile app that syncs with your computer’s copy of the review course and anyone who needs more CPA exam questions that they will know what to do with!

Start Your Free Trial Of Wiley CPAexcel Here

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