100 Best Public Accounting Firms & Corporations For Female Accountants

by Working Mom CPA Motivation in Surveys
December 9, 2017 0 comments

It is easier than ever to find jobs as accountants in the corporate and public accounting world.

When considering which firm to work for it’s important to understand the culture of the firm.

Consistently Working Mothers Media has ranked PwC, KPMG, McGladrey and E&Y as the top firms for women to work for. (see links below)

But it’s also important to know that you should be locked into working for a public accounting firm if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Where Should You Work?

Corporate accounting has many advantages over public accounting such as more flexible hours, better pay and benefits and a more focused concentration of your skills.

Public accounting has the primary advantage of giving you a wider range of experience in exchange for grueling hours and lower pay per hour.

Here is a list of the top 100 companies for females from the past several years and you will notice that the Big Four public accounting firms are all in the top 10.

Find the best companies list by year below:

2011 Top 100 Companies Executive Summary

2012 Top 100 Companies Executive Summary

2013 Top 100 Companies Chart

2013 Top 100 Companies Executive Summary

2014 Top 100 Companies Chart

2014 Top 100 Companies Executive Summary

Here’s a fun infographic showing what’s best for the babies in terms of picking a company to work for from the 2013 Top 100 Best Companies.

Now that you understand which companies are the best for women how do you succeed in these companies?

My number one recommendation is to pass the CPA exam.

It will earn you immediate respect from your peers and will allow you to easily obtain the promotions you have always dreamed of.

Now make no mistake it’s no easy task to pass the CPA exam.

In fact without a CPA review course it’s going to be darn near impossible.

The best place to start passing your CPA exams is to compare the top CPA review courses here.

Once you have found a CPA review course that matches your CPA exam study personality, you will have no problem signing up for and acing the CPA exam.

Best of luck!