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surgent cpa review

Surgent CPA Review is the brainchild of Liz Kolar and the guys behind ExamMatrix. It’s the first 100% adaptive learning online CPA Review Course that bases your recommended study plan based on how you answer practice quizzes. It’s a 100% different take on how to study for the CPA exam compared to the linear way that has been used for decades.

Let’s see how this method compares to other CPA review courses, what I like and don’t like about this method of studying and how Surgent CPA shakes out and who should be using it.

You can try Surgent CPA Review yourself here OR you can keep reading below for my take on the software.

Surgent CPA Course Structure

Study Planner

Surgent CPA Review’s study planner is based on the date you schedule your exam. Since the way you use Surgent CPA Review is dynamic, you don’t have a set study plan until you have taken about 500 multiple choice questions.

Video Lectures

Surgent CPA Review doesn’t have standard video lectures but focuses on identifying the multiple choice questions that trip most people up and creating a custom video lecture for that question specifically. Overall Surgent has about 350 mini-videos in their course.

Multiple Choice

Surgent CPA Review has taken the ExamMatrix multiple choice test bank and improved upon it by adding additional questions and better explanations + the mini-videos for the hardest of questions.


Surgent CPA Review is 100% based on your results and they give you tools to deep dive into the specific topics that the algorithm has identified you don’t understand.


Surgent CPA Review offers plenty of simulations for you to use to prepare for the real CPA exam. They also provide in-depth explanations for each simulation.

Practice Exams

Surgent CPA Review allows you to take practice exams once you have achieved the results the adaptive learning wants you to achieve. Once you are prepared for the real exam you can begin taking the practice exams which closely mirror the real CPA exam you will take at a prometric center.

Customer Support

Surgent CPA Review offers customer support for any questions you may have.

What’s To Like

Mini-Video Lectures

Personally I don’t prefer to sit down and watch a 2-3 hour video lecture. I lose focus after 3 seconds and I feel it’s not an efficient way to study. What I do like doing is taking multiple choice quizzes and teaching myself the material from the explanations. The Surgent Mini-Video lectures that are question based I do think is a much more efficient way to learn than having standard video lectures over everything. That being said, if you prefer to learn from an instructor then Surgent may not be a good option for you.


Surgent CPA Review gives you the data you need to know where to spend your time studying and they have arguably similar quality analytics to Gleim CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel.


Surgent CPA Review offers a free bank of electronic flashcards cards. These flashcards will help you quickly memorize definitions.

Free Trial

Surgent CPA Review is a very unique course that absolutely requires you to try the course before buying. This is important because of just how different this course is compared to the normal CPA Review Course.

Start your free trial of Surgent CPA Review here


Surgent CPA Review does offer some of the largest discounts in the industry.

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What’s Not To Like

Adaptive Learning

Surgent CPA Review has made the term adaptive learning popular in the CPA exam industry. The problem I have with it is that you are putting 100% of your trust in an algorithm to identify what you know and don’t know. I could also see some students ignoring topics just because the adaptive learning told them they understood it early on but will have forgotten the topics by exam time. Your memory is constantly changing so the fact you “know” something today might mean you forget it in 2 weeks from now.


Surgent CPA Review’s textbook is basically like reading a dictionary. They have started to add more examples to it but it’s still not very user friendly to consume. What I do like is that each multiple choice question is tied to a section of the textbook electronically which is good but if you learn from reading textbooks, I struggle to recommend Surgent CPA Review when you have much more quality study text from courses like Gleim CPA Review, Roger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel.

Final Recommendation

Surgent CPA Review is a unique take on the CPA exam. It’s aggressively trying to cut out the fat the typically goes with studying for the CPA exam by using Adaptive Learning. I do worry about putting 100% of my trust into an algorithm to tell me what to study as the technology is still relatively new but I am keep my ear to the ground to see how CPA candidates are performing using this course.

If you are interested in Surgent, start your free trial here and let me know in the comments what you think.

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