Should Working Moms Take The CPA Exam

by Working Mom CPA Motivation in Surveys
December 15, 2017 0 comments

Without a doubt working mothers are a crucial part of public accounting.

There has been a significant shift in the number of female managers, senior managers and partners in public accounting and it’s important that these firms make it easy for women to have children and stay in the work force.

A recent survey performed by Ernst & Young (read “What Moms Choose” survey here) found that working moms feel most judged about

1. How clean the house is

2. Not taking care of themselves

3. The amount of time spent with their children

Based on this fact it’s crucial to understand the mindset of a working mom and if there are any on your team identify how you can help ease these fears.

Many working mom’s may even be attempting to study for the CPA exam which adds even another layer of stress to her life and is something that needs an open line of communication between employee and boss.

The number one factor in reducing stress when taking the CPA exam is absolutely finding a CPA review course that maximizes the CPA candidates study personality.

When a mom is looking for a CPA Review Course she knows that she is going to need to squeeze study time in between naps and snack time with the kids and helping keep the house clean.

This means that her CPA Review Course will need a powerful mobile app for studying on the go, great audio lectures for sneaking in study time on the commute, and an engaging video lectures that won’t put you to sleep.

If you are currently looking for a CPA Review Course that will maximize your study time as a working mom then compare all your CPA review course options here.