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Roger CPA Review Course is our favorite CPA Review Course for CPA candidates because of it’s engaging video lectures (unlike anything else out there), it’s easy to use dashboard and study materials, and it’s superior customer support options.

You can try Roger CPA Review for free on us here or you can continue reading our breakdown below.

Roger CPA Course Structure

Study Planner

Roger CPA Review gives you a standard 6, 9 and 12 month study planner spreadsheet to manage your time and progress and keep you on track.

Video Lectures

Roger CPA Review has an obvious star in Roger Philipp. Unlike the usual CPA lecturers, Roger is full of energy and has an amazing way of breaking down the complex and making it understandable.

For international candidates you need to be aware that Roger does speak quickly, but thankfully they give you an option to slow down or speed up the videos.

Multiple Choice

Roger CPA Review has a decent amount of multiple choice questions coming in at 6,200+ questions. Roger’s philosophy is to not overwhelm you with millions of questions, but give you only the required questions you need to pass the CPA exam without the fluff questions.

I also found the explanations provided with the questions to adequately explain WHY the answer is right or wrong.


Roger CPA Review has some fairly advanced multiple choice analytics. They have taken their student data and utilized predictive technology to help you focus your time on areas that you are performing weaker than candidates who have passed the CPA exam.


Roger CPA Review provides you with more than enough simulations to get a feel for how to handle them and gives you high quality simulations that you can use for your practice exams.

Practice CPA Exams

When taking the CPA exam it’s as important to understand the material as it is to manage your time while in the Prometric Center. Roger CPA Review gives you full practice exams so that you can not only test your knowledge but test your time


Roger CPA Review offers Cram Courses which are additional high level video lectures, flashcards and an iPhone app.

What’s To Like

Video Lectures

Roger CPA Review’s obvious selling point is it’s video lectures. If you are someone who learns well from being in a classroom setting then using Roger CPA Review is going to be a no brainer for you. The only downside is that Roger does speak rather quickly but you do have the ability to slow down the videos.

Predictive Learning

Roger CPA Review has started introducing a new form of analytics that is based on successful CPA candidates results.

Free Trial

We’ve covered alot in this review but before you can really make a firm decision on using Roger CPA Review, you will need to try Roger CPA Review to ensure it’s the right course for you.

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Roger CPA Review offers a wide range of discounts that will save you up to $850 off their course packages.

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What’s Not To Like

Study Planner

Roger CPA Review’s study planner is fairly basic and has to be manually updated. Absolutely not a make or break feature by any means but when you compare the study planner to Wiley CPAexcel’s or Gleim CPA Review’s it seems a little lacking.

Fewer Multiple Choice

Roger CPA Review does offer fewer multiple choice questions than other courses, but I agree with Roger when they say that they focus on quality over quantity. While this is important if you do end up failing a section while using Roger CPA Review you may want to consider investing in another test bank. Otherwise you are good to go!

Final Recommendation

Roger CPA Review is a top tier CPA Review Course that will work for any CPA candidate. Specifically if you are someone who needs video lectures to learn, then Roger CPA Review should be your go to course.

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