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December 17, 2017 0 comments

Gleim CPA Review is the reason I am a CPA today. Does this make my review a little bit biased. Yes. BUT it got me the results I needed when I needed them most.

In my review of Gleim CPA Review, I want to break down exactly what they offer, who I think should use Gleim CPA Review and what I like and don’t like.

Gleim CPA Course Structure

Study Planner

Gleim CPA Review provides you with a fully customizable study planner that helps you prepare and schedule your exams.

Video Lectures

Gleim CPA Review offers video lectures that correspond to your textbook. The video lecture dashboard is fairly basic compared to Roger CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel but they get the job done. Overall I would grade the video lectures as average.

Multiple Choice

Gleim CPA Review shines when it comes to providing you with hands down one of the best test banks in the industry. Gleim’s SmartAdapt technology will help you sift through all the information and identify what you need to be studying.


Gleim CPA Review now offers a new multiple choice analytics technology called SmartAdapt. This new feature builds on their already powerful multiple choice analytics and will help you identify where to spend your time studying.


Gleim CPA Review focuses on providing you with simulations that as closely mirror the real CPA exam as possible.

CPA Exam Rehearsals

Gleim CPA Review will help you prepare for the real CPA exam by providing you with high quality CPA exam “Rehearsals.” These rehearsals will help recreate the real exam so that you can be fully prepared for game day.

Gleim Personal Counselor

Gleim CPA Review provides you with personalized help from a CPA exam counselor. You can email questions and will receive direct support from your assigned counselor. This is a great feature to have when you have specific questions that you can’t figure out.

What’s To Like


Gleim CPA Review offers 9,000+ multiple choice questions which is a lot of material to cover. Thanks to SmartAdapt you will be able to more efficiently tackle this information and focus your time.


Gleim CPA Review has one of the most in-depth textbook currently available and is perfect for CPA Candidates who want to teach themselves the material.

Free Trial

Gleim CPA Review


Gleim CPA Review

What’s Not To Like

Video Lectures

Gleim CPA Review video lectures are fairly basic and but get the job done.

No Flashcards

Gleim CPA Review does not currently offer flashcards or a way to make your own.

Final Recommendation

Gleim CPA Review is ideal for CPA candidates who don’t necessarily want to revolve their study time around lectures but prefer to teach themselves the material. They offer some of the best textbooks and multiple choice test banks that I have seen offered in the industry. For the price it’s tough to beat.

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