Frequently Asked Questions about Working Mother Surveys

How do I nominate my company for one of your lists?
There is no nomination process for any of the Working Mother Best Companies surveys. A representative from the company’s HR, Diversity, Work/Life, or Communications department registers their company and is then responsible for filling out an application on the company’s workforce, policies, and programs.

Are there any fees involved with participating in Working Mother surveys?
No. There are no fees involved with registering or applying for our surveys, or for earning a place on one of our lists.

Will my company’s name be released if we submit an application and do NOT make a list?
No. Working Mother lists are a celebration. We do not release the names of companies that apply but do not make the list.

I cannot answer every question on the survey. Should I still apply? Will I be penalized for not answering a question?
You will not receive points for unanswered questions, and points will not be taken away for those questions. We ask that participants answer as many questions on the application as they can to the best of their ability, but don’t let the inability to answer a question dissuade you from participating in a survey.

I don’t have a definite number answer for a question. How should I proceed?
In this case, please provide a CONSERVATIVE estimate.

My company has registered for the survey and received an application, but we are unable to complete it.
There is no penalty for not completing the application. We do ask that you let us know if you are no longer participating.

There is a term on the survey that I’m unfamiliar with, and I don’t see it listed in the Glossary.

Please email us

The link to my survey is not working.
Please contact us.