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Compare 2018’s Top 5 Best CPA Exam Review Courses & Study Materials

Choosing a CPA Review Course is hands down the most important step in passing the CPA exam.

Not only will it help you learn the material necessary to pass the CPA exam, it will assist you in time management and mental preparation for the most difficult exam you will ever take.

Unfortunately there isn’t one BEST CPA review course. Each course has basically the same study materials, but it’s HOW the information is presented to you that matters.

Here’s why. Everyone learns differently and we each have our own unique study personality. Your job is to identify your study personality and find the CPA review course that will maximize your study strengths.

Below you will find in-depth information about each CPA course, what I like and don’t like, discounts and who I think should use the course. Please be aware that some of the links below do contain affiliate links, so please only click the links below if I have helped you in your CPA review course purchasing decision. Thanks!

Quick Overview Of CPA Exam Courses & Rankings


Top 7 CPA Review Course Study Materials

Gleim Surgentfast forward academyBecker CPA

CPA Review Trial

CPAexcel Trial

Gleim CPA Review Trial

Yaeger CPA Review Trial

Surgent CPA Review Trial

Fast Forward Academy Trial

Becker CPA Review Trial










Best Instructor

CPA Tools

Best Analytics

Best Candidate Support

Best Adaptive Learning Technology

Best Community

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My Roger CPA Review

My Wiley CPAexcel Review

My Gleim CPA Review

My Yaeger CPA Review

My Surgent CPA Review

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Click Below To Compare Top 5 Best CPA Exam Review Prep Courses & Study Materials Below:

  1. Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review Course
  2. Roger CPA Review Course
  3. Gleim CPA Review Course
  4. Yaeger CPA Review Course
  5. Surgent CPA Review Course
  6. Other CPA Review Courses

wiley cpaexcel review

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel Overview

Wiley CPAexcel is a premier CPA Review Course used by thousands of CPA Candidates around the world. They focus on providing “bite-sized” lectures that won’t bore you and will keep you on your feet.

They also provide you with mobile apps and computer software that allow you to truly access their CPA study materials anywhere at anytime.

They offer three different package options that will work for every CPA candidates budget and study needs.

Try Wiley CPAexcel For 14 Days Here

Wiley CPAexcel Features

Multiple Choice: 12,000+
Simulations: 600+
Video Lecture Hours: 110
Price: $1,360 – $1,960 (after 20% discount)
Unlimited Access: Yes!
Final Review: Yes!
Free Trial: Yes – Click Here

Wiley CPAexcel Pros & Cons


  1. CPAexcel gives you unlimited access until you pass no matter what package you select.
  2. Mobile App syncs with the computer software for true studying on the go
  3. Virtual Classroom option for those who need structure


  1. Software is a bit complex to learn
  2. Video lectures are a bit dry, but thankfully the lectures are bite sized so you are constantly moving around which helps prevent losing focus.

Read My Full Wiley CPAexcel Assessment Here

Wiley CPAexcel Discounts & Financing

If you use our discounts you can save up to 20% off the full price

Reveal Wiley CPAexcel Flash Sale (Expiring Soon!)

Wiley CPAexcel offers 6 months interest free financing through PayPal

Use PayPal Financing At Checkout Here

Who Should Use Wiley CPAexcel?

This course is ideal for CPA candidates:

  1. With short attention spans
  2. Who are working full time and/or traveling
  3. Who are Self-Studiers
  4. Who need structure and live instruction
  5. Who are budget minded

Where I Can I Try Wiley CPAexcel?

Here’s A Quick Link To Wiley CPAexcel 14 Day Free Trial

Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review Overview

Roger CPA Review is best known for their highly engaging lectures. When studying you need an instructor who will not only breakdown the complex and make it simple, but he or she needs to do it in a way that won’t put you asleep.

Let me introduce you to Roger Philipp, CPA. Possibly the MOST energetic accountant you will ever meet and is founder of one of the fastest growing CPA prep course companies in the industry.

Sample his fascinating lectures below: 

Try Roger CPA Review Lectures Here

Roger CPA Review Features

Multiple Choice: 6,200+
Simulations: 400+
Video Lecture Hours: 100
Pricing: $1,695-$2,895 (Check For Discounts Here)
Unlimited Access: Yes, Elite Only
Final Review: Yes, Elite Only
Free Trial: Yes – Click Here

Roger CPA Review Pros & Cons


  1. Most engaging lectures in industry
  2. Great Mnemonics to trigger your memory
  3. Support from real CPAs offered


  1. No Android Apps
  2. No Live class option
  3. No unlimited access for Select or Premier Packages

Read My Full Roger CPA Assessment Here

Roger CPA Review Discounts

Roger CPA Review Discount
Save as much $850 off Roger CPA Review by Clicking Show Code More Less
Doesn't expire

Click Here To Save Up To $850 Off Roger CPA Review

Or, make payments as low as $149/month for Roger CPA Review

Who Should Use Roger CPA Review?

Roger CPA Review is ideal for CPA Candidates:

  1. Who need engaging video lectures to learn
  2. Who need good customer support
  3. Are Self-Studiers

Where I Can I Try Roger CPA Review?

You Can Try Roger CPA Review For Free Here

Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review Overview

Gleim CPA Review is a data driven CPA review course that gives you everything you need to pass the CPA exam. Founded by Dr. Gleim decades ago, Gleim CPA review has helped thousands of CPA candidates pass the CPA exam (myself included!).

What you can expect from Gleim CPA is a highly structured and detail oriented CPA review course that focuses on helping you find your strengths and weaknesses by utilizing advance multiple choice analytics that are based on your real time performance.

Try Gleim CPA Reviews Analytics Here

Gleim CPA Review Features

Multiple Choice: 9,200+
Simulations: 1,000+
Video Lecture Hours: 100
Unlimited Access: Yes
Final Review: Yes

Gleim CPA Review Pros & Cons


  1. Best multiple choice analytics
  2. 2nd most CPA exam questions
  3. Gleim stands behind it’s course with unlimited access until you pass
  4. The best simulated CPA exam experience available


  1. Video lectures are a little lacking in functionality
  2. No pre-made flashcards

Read My Full Gleim CPA Assessment Here

Gleim CPA Review Discounts

You can save 10% Off Gleim CPA Review By Clicking Here

Who Should Use Gleim CPA Review?

Any CPA Candidate:

  1. Who prefers to teach themselves from the text and multiple choice questions
  2. Who need support from a personal counselor
  3. Wants to recreate the CPA exam experience before sitting for the exam

Where I Can I Try Gleim CPA Review?

You can try Gleim CPA Review’s free trial by clicking here

Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review Overview

Yaeger CPA Review is a smaller CPA review course that has a customer service focus. Being a smaller CPA review course you will have direct access to the instructors along with a decently sized multiple choice test bank and analytics.

Yaeger CPA Review also utilizes the new AICPA blueprint to base all their study materials off of so you can be sure that you know everything you need to know for the CPA exam.

Take the Yaeger CPA Assessment Here

Yaeger CPA Review Features

Multiple Choice: 4,300+
Simulations: 160+
Video Lecture Hours: 100+
Pricing: $1,019 (Click Here & Use “CPAGUIDE” At Checkout)
Unlimited Access: No
Final Review: Yes
Free Assessment: Yes – Click Here

Yaeger CPA Review Pros & Cons


  1. Yaeger has some of the best customer support in the industry
  2. In-depth video lectures and multiple choice test bank
  3. Cram course and flashcards available


  1. Multiple choice analytics aren’t broken out by content groups
  2. Flashcards are all lumped together and can’t be organized
  3. Lecturers are a bit dry

Read My Full Yaeger CPA Assessment Here

Yaeger CPA Review Discounts

Use “CPAGUIDE” to save 15% Off Yaeger CPA Review

Who Should Use Yaeger CPA Review?

Yaeger CPA Review is ideal for CPA Candidates:

  1. Who are on a budget
  2. Who need direct access to lecturers to ask questions
  3. Who prefer to learn from video lectures

Where I Can I Try Yaeger CPA Review?

Check out a free assessment of Yaeger CPA Review here

surgent cpa review

Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review Overview

Surgent CPA Review has taken many forms over the years starting off as MicroMash to ExamMatrix and finally to become Surgent CPA Review.

Surgent has taken everything that worked great within ExamMatrix and added mini-lectures, more multiple choice and better adaptive learning technology.

If you are struggling to pass the CPA exam or have a strong understanding of the material tested on the exam, then Surgent CPA Review might be the right course for you.

Try Surgent CPA Review Here

Surgent CPA Review Features

Multiple Choice: 6,800+
Simulations: 390+
Video Lecture Hours: 350 Lessons
Pricing: $1,799 – $2,299 (Click here and save 20% with CPAEXAMGUIDE at checkout)
Unlimited Access: Yes
Final Review: Yes
Free Trial: Yes – Click Here

Surgent CPA Review Pros & Cons


  1. Advanced multiple choice analytics
  2. A unique study plan based on “adaptive learning”
  3. Pre-made flashcards


  1. Textbook reads like a dictionary
  2. Only study plan option is to follow the adaptive learning algorithm. Be sure to sign up for the free trial to ensure you understand how Surgent CPA Review works.

Read My Full Surgent CPA Assessment Here

Surgent CPA Review Discounts

Save Up To $1,000 Off Surgent CPA Review Here

Or, use the payment plan and start with just $49 today

Who Should Use Surgent CPA Review?

Surgent CPA Review is ideal for CPA candidates:

  1. Who already have a strong understanding of the information tested on the CPA Exam
  2. Who don’t mind allowing an algorithm to identify their strengths and weaknesses
  3. Anyone who hasn’t found success with their CPA Review Course

Where I Can I Try Surgent CPA Review?

Click Here To Start Your Free Trial

Other CPA Review Courses

Fast Forward Academy

If you are on a budget, Fast Forward Academy is a great option. They have new and improved text and video lectures and a very active community.

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review is the big name in the CPA exam industry but being the most expensive does not always make you the best. For the price we can’t justify recommending Becker if you are paying out of pocket.

MDS CPA Review

MDS CPA Review is small review course company based out of Ohio. There live course is a very attractive option for local CPA candidates but if you are outside the area you may want to invest in a more nationally known course.

Ninja CPA Review

Ninja CPA Review is a mixture of Bisk, ExamMatrix and the study notes from Jeff Elliott. Ninja CPA Review is a great study supplement and I expect in the coming years it will become a major contender as a top CPA review course provider.


ExamMatrix is a older shell of the technology used in Surgent CPA Review Course.

Lambers CPA Review

One of the oldest CPA review courses currently available with tech that hasn’t kept up with the times.

Top-Rated CPA Review Course Supplements

Are you finding that your CPA Review Course doesn’t have all the features you need?

Don’t invest in a brand new CPA Review Course! You should consider adding some supplements to your primary CPA course to help.

There are over a dozen CPA review course brands that offer a wide range of supplements that will working with whatever CPA review course you are currently using.

Let’s discuss the type of supplements and where to find them below.

Best CPA Exam Test Banks

Without a doubt the most important tool to use to pass the CPA exam is multiple choice.

If you’ve been studying the same questions over and over, you risk memorizing answers instead of truly understanding WHY the answer is right or wrong.

Here are my two favorite test banks for CPA candidates to use.

Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank

What’s included: 4,500+ multiple choice and 160 simulations updated to include DRS

Gleim MegaBank

What’s Included: Up to 10,000 multiple choice questions across all four sections of the CPA exam

Best CPA Exam Mobile App

Wiley CPAexcel Mobile App

Wiley CPAexcel’s iPhone and Android app now integrates in sync with the desktop software making it the best mobile app to use to truly study on the go.

Roger CPA Review Mobile App

iPhone users rejoice! Roger CPA Review has an Apple app for you. Unfortunately it doesn’t sync with the desktop software and doesn’t come on Android…

Surgent CPA Mobile App

Surgent has a great free flashcard app that works on iPhone and Android. I’d highly recommend checking it out and using it for final review.

Best CPA Exam Flashcards For Definitions

I would not be a CPA today without flashcards. I highly recommend that you invest in pre-made flashcards but also make your own as you study.

Question of the day, who has the best pre-made flashcards?

It really depends on which CPA review course you are using. Start with any flashcards offered by your CPA review course and if your course doesn’t offer them use one of the pre-made flashcard bundles below:

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Exam Printed Flashcards

Wiley CPAexcel offers bundles of 250 flashcards for each section of the CPA exam that you can buy together or individually. They also offer digital versions of these flashcards in their course and mobile app.

Becker CPA Review Printed Flashcards

I used the Becker CPA Review flashcards to pass the CPA exam. They are thorough but very expensive. I’d check out Wiley CPAexcel’s first before investing in them.

Roger CPA Exam Printed Flashcards

Roger CPA Review offers bundles of 200+ flashcards for each section of the CPA exam. If you are using Roger CPA Review then they are a no brainer to use.

Best CPA Exam Audio Lectures

Do you have a long commute? Take long lunches? Then you should absolutely utilize CPA review course audio lectures. Here are two of my favorite audio lecture providers.

Roger CPA Review Audio Lectures

Roger Philipp is the king of video lectures in the CPA exam industry so it only makes sense to offer his engaging lectures on audio.

Gleim CPA Audio Lectures

If you are using Gleim CPA Review I would recommend you also use their audio lectures on the go. It can save you time but I did find the lectures to be a bit dry.

Which CPA Review Course is best?

Top 5 Best CPA Review Courses of 2018 – Comparison Guide


Wiley CPAexcel vs Roger CPA  vs Gleim CPA vs Becker CPA vs Yaeger CPA vs Surgent CPA vs Fast Forward Academy

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