Best Law Firms For Women Accountants

by Working Mom CPA Motivation in Surveys
December 15, 2017 0 comments

Is there a place in a law firm for Certified Public Accountants?


In fact passing both the BAR exam and the CPA exam will allow you to better serve your clients and as you work on business transactions.

Now which law firms should you consider pursuing to maximize your expertise?

There were multiple surveys done over the years to assist you in identifying where to apply.

Here are the best law firms for women from the 2013 Survey,  2012 Survey and the 2011 Survey you should consider working for today.

Now the big question is how does a lawyer pass the CPA exam?

Well the first step is to identify if you meet the educational qualifications

Once you meet the educational requirements for the state you want to sit for the CPA exam, then you need to find a CPA review course.

Compare the top 10 CPA review courses here.

After finding a CPA review course you need to find a CPA exam coach.

Try this free CPA exam coaching course

The next step is the schedule your first section to take at a Prometric center.

Finally it’s time to start studying for the CPA exam.

Not unlike the BAR exam, you should expect the CPA exam to be an even more challenging exam that will require 100% of your focus and motivation for many months if not a full year or more.

The end result is that you will have achieved something that very few lawyers have and can provide to their clients.

The time it takes to pass the CPA Exam is absolutely worth it and should be considered a significant investment into your career’s future.