Working Mother 100 Best Companies Survey

For 30 years, the Working Mother 100 Best Companies has set the standard for work/life practices in the United States. Today, millions of women seek out the October/November issue of Working Mother to get comprehensive information about companies that do an exemplary job of advancing women and helping employees balance work and family. As competition for the best employees intensifies among companies, being named one of the Working Mother 100 Best Companies is a valuable recruiting and retention tool. Your participation will also help you to see how your company compares to the hundreds of others that apply.

We celebrate the way companies support their working-parent employees and to publicize the progressive policies and programs that can help other organizations succeed as well. The Working Mother 100 Best Companies raises the awareness of the issues working mothers face in the workplace, and encourages implementation of programs to address those issues. By asking companies to track employee usage of programs, we focus attention on achieving measurable results.

All companies that apply, including those that do not make the Working Mother 100 Best Companies, receive feedback showing how they compared to all other applicants. Winning companies are featured in the October/November issue of Working Mother magazine. Every year the issue gains national attention and is sought out by millions of women eager to learn which companies are meeting their needs. Winning companies are also invited to celebrate at the Working Mother Work/Life Congress, held every October. Above all, the Working Mother 100 Best shines a spotlight on companies that are employers of choice for the millions of working mothers determined to succeed.

Your company is eligible to apply to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies survey if it meets the following eligibility requirements

1. Your company must have a minimum of 500 employees in the United States.

2. Your company must offer at least one week of fully paid maternity leave (this includes disability pay, but does not include any type of accrued or banked time off) to all female full-time exempt employees who have been with the company for one year or more. If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact Kristen Willoughby at or 347-759-1602.

3. Your company must offer some type of flex benefits.

4. The following organizations are NOT eligible to apply: Divisions of companies and companies in the business of providing work/life services or consulting (e.g. childcare or flexibility), or consulting and government agencies (taxation and revenue departments, motor vehicle bureaus, military, legislatures, executive branches, judiciaries, prosecutorial offices, etc.).

Public or private companies are invited to apply, including companies, corporations, and autonomous subsidiaries that offer their own benefits program and report to their own CEO.

All interested companies are invited to register for the 2016 Working Mother 100 Best Companies survey via the link below. We recommend that your company register as soon as possible (even if you are not sure that you will be able to submit a completed application). Having a registration on file for this survey ensures that you will be promptly informed of all pertinent information, updates, and invites to informational calls that take place before the application goes live. Each company self-selects itself for participation each year, so it is each company’s individual responsibility to ensure they are registered for this survey.

NOTE: Due to the nature and depth of the data we collect in this survey, this application is typically registered for and completed by a representative from your company’s HR, Diversity, Work/Life, Corporate Communications, or PR department.

The 2016 application will go live in early December 2015. Registered applicants will receive a link to the application via email. Please be sure that only one contact per company registers for this survey. The registered contact will be the single point of contact for all survey-related correspondence.

Completed applications will be due in March 2016. In late May 2016, all applicant companies, including those that do not make the list, receive a confidential report showing how they compare against other participating companies. The names of companies that do not make the list are never revealed. In addition, we offer detailed benchmarking to help applicant companies better understand their company’s performance.

The 2016 Working Mother 100 Best Companies will be announced in the October/November issue of Working Mother Magazine and on Winning companies will also be celebrated at the Working Mother Work/Life Congress in October 2016, to be held in New York City.

If you have any questions about the application, eligibility requirements, or anything else pertaining to this initiative, please contact us.

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