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Working Moms CPA Exam Motivation believes that EVERYONE should have a chance to pass the CPA exam, no matter how busy your schedule. It is our goal to show you how to study for the CPA exam the RIGHT way, while still prioritizing what’s most important in your life.

When I passed the CPA exam in 2010, I was working full time and juggling work + family + friends. It was a miracle that I survived (especially considering that I had failed all four sections in a row)!

What did I learn from this experience and how does it affect you? Pretty simple. It all starts with finding the right CPA review course. I picked the WRONG course for my CPA exam study personality and it ended up costing me six months of my life and $1,000+ in lost CPA exam fees.

Why did this happen? Every CPA Review Course has essentially the same materials, it’s HOW the information is presented to you that matters. If you learn a specific way and your CPA review course tells you to do the opposite, it’s going to cause you to create busy work for yourself.

How do you find the right CPA Review Course for your study personality? Great question! I’ve gotten access to all the top CPA Review Courses currently available, broken down their features and made recommendations for you based on your study personality.

Find the right CPA Course for you below:

CPA Course Reviews

Roger CPA Review


Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review is one of our most recommended CPA review courses for working mom’s because of their engaging lectures and focus on teaching you the RIGHT material at the right time.

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wiley cpaexcel review



Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPAexcel is an excellent choice for working moms on the go. They have one of the most advanced mobile apps currently available that allows for true studying from your phone anywhere you are. They also have affordable CPA course bundles for any budget.

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Gleim CPA Review



Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review is great for working moms who prefer to sit down with a good cup of coffee and teach themselves the material. This is an excellent choice for data driven CPA candidates who thrive on using multiple choice analytics to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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CPA Review Course Discounts

Once you find the Best CPA Review Course for your specific study personality then it’s time to find the biggest discounts available. Use the link below to save up to 20% off all the major CPA review courses currently available.

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CPA Exam Score Release Dates

Waiting for your CPA exam scores can be painful. We took care of all the hard work and put together a list of when your CPA exam release dates will be.

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